Sterile Cryogenic Tubes

Sterilized by E-Beam, our advanced Sterile Cryogenic Tubes have an O-Ring Screw Cap for a positive, leak-proof, seal. They’re designed for safe storage of cells or biological fluids in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen or any mechanical freezer.


The Sterile Cryogenic Tubes are ideal for sperm, serum or blood specimens, micro- biological cultures, cell cultures, and hazardous or valuable samples.

The rugged, proprietary polypropylene copolymer, and uniform wall construction, will stand up to any current microcentrifuge. The tubes’ external threads prevent leaking even under the pressure changes of air transport. No tube offers more security to your sample!

Bio Plas Cryo Tubes are RNase and DNase Free, Non-Pyrogenic, and BPA Free.

Sterile Cryogenic Tube Benefits:

· Sample Integrity: Sterilized by E-Beam. Non-toxic and non-pyrogenic. Screw cap with internal O-ring forms a leak-proof seal during processing and storage.

· Safe and Efficient: External thread eliminates material hang-up and minimizes chance of contaminating you or your sample. Square threads won’t strip.

· Convenient: Conical design lets you retrieve your entire sample. Upright models stand without a rack. Tubes fit all fixed angle head microcentrifuges (upright models require adapter Cat. No. 4212).

· Sturdy: Virtually unbreakable. Will withstand spin speeds of up to 22,000 x G when used with fixed angle heads.


Cat# 4201S - Conical 0.5ml. Upright, Amber, Sterile


Cat# 4203S - 2.0ml. Natural, Sterile

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