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Uni-Flex™ Safety Caps

BIO PLAS, Inc., the original manufacturer of the Uni-Flex™ Safety Caps

It has come to our attention that Cardinal HealthCare is substituting our Uni-Flex™ Safety Caps with their private label brand claiming the

BIO PLAS caps have been discontinued and have removed many of our Uni-Flex™ Safety Cap listings from their website and ordering system.


Please rest assured that BIO PLAS is still manufacturing the same quality products you have come to trust.  If you are having trouble finding our Uni-Flex™ Safety Caps, or any other BIO PLAS Products, we will be happy to assist you in procuring our products through one of our many other distributors.  


Please give us a call: 415-472-3777 or send an email to:  

BIO PLAS, Inc. is a Small Woman Owned Business


For a list of distributors where you can purchase the Uni-Flex™ Safety Caps click here!

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To see the full line of Uni-Flex Safety Caps click here!

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