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Polyester Foam Test Tube & Microcentrifuge Tube Racks


· Flame Retardant

· Color: Charcoal

· Long wearing

· Chemical and solvent resistant

· Float on H20 bath with full tube and sample

· Ideal for refrigerated or frozen storage   samples

· All tubes can be decanted simultaneously

· Low profile: Will not tip over easily

· Lightweight: Weighs less than two ounces

· Holds and locks 50 culture tubes securely

· Holds and locks 30 microcentrifuge and  micro     blood collecting tubes securely in racks

· More uniform incubation: Tubes may be pushed   down into H20 bath while still being held securely   in rack

· May be used in blood drawing trays-holds blood   drawing tubes securely

Polyester Foam Test Tube & Microcentrifuge Tube Rack Benefits:

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