Foam Biopsy Pads

The Foam Biopsy Pads are fabricated from cellular polyester plastic foam which is manufactured uniformly with air pockets throughout to allow for adequate fluid movement around the tissue while it is securely sandwiched between two pads. This assures the orientation of small biopsy tissue. Available in sizes to fit Tissue Processing Capsules and Capsettes.

Embedding Rings

Tissue is taken from the capsules and placed into stainless steel or plastic base molds. The labeled Embedding Ring is placed atop the base mold, filled with paraffin and cooled. The rings allow for a uniform block and are readily identified when filled. Available in 3 colors for color coding in the laboratory.

Tissue Processing Capsules

For a more economical purchase, the Histo Plas™  disposable, polypropylene Tissue Processing Capsule is the answer. The one piece unit is hinged, perfectly aligned and easy to use. Simply place the tissue in the Capsule and press the cover down to lock securely. The open mesh construction affords maximum fluid exchange during processing and the durable marking surface assures permanent identification. To embed from the capsule we recommend the tissue Embedding Ring system.

Tissue processing Grid.png