Become A Distributor

BIO PLAS, Inc. sells its products, both nationally and internationally through distributors, both small and large.  If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please complete the Distributor Application and email it to us at or fax it to (415) 472-3758.  

For more information, please view our National Sales Policies and our International Sales Policies.

Why Become A Bio Plas Distributor?



Bio Plas offers our dealers:


1)      Product Promotions – Bio Plas offers product promotions on most of the products we       manufacture. Promotional items can be redeemed directly through Bio Plas or, Bio Plas can supply our dealers with the item to send to their customers.

2)      Free Samples – Bio Plas offers free, customized, sample packs of our products that can be sent to potential customers, included in outgoing shipments, or given out by sales reps.  Bio Plas can also send samples direct to our dealers customers when requested.

3)      Customized Literature and Promotion Flyers – Bio Plas will make up custom PDF Product Literature and Flyers for our promotions.

4)      Drop Shipping – Drop shipments can be made direct to dealer customers at no extra cost over actual shipping.

5)      No Minimum Quantities – Bio Plas has no minimum quantities for orders. The only requirement is that products be purchased in full packs.

6)      Private Labelling – All Bio Plas Products can be private labelled at no cost. There are no minimum quantities for private label.

7)      Top Quality Products Designed, Manufactured, and Stocked,  In California, USA.

8)      Marketing and Technical Support by phone, email, and LiveChat for you and your sales reps.


Bio Plas only sells through distributors. 

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